Do a Du (Club Members event)

2018 race date will be announced in the new year and we will hope for much more cooperative weather conditions for the chosen date!

Race starts at 8:30am at Mc Caffrey Park on Vansickle Rd. just down the street from Club Roma:  http://g.co/maps/66ajk

Distances are 5k run, 25k bike ride and 5k run.

Run route:  North on Vansickle, west on Rykert, south on 1st Street Louth, east on Pelham, north back on to Vansickle, back to McCaffery Park.  You Do this 5k route both before and after the bike.  See map link above.

Bike route:  South on Vansickle, west on Pelham, north on 1st, quick west on 8th Avenue, past Wileys, past Hernder’s to 7th Street. Automatic south on 7th, to Pelham Road. Go west on Pelham (8th Ave.) as far as Victoria Avenue.  Go back the way you came.  Follow white arrows and marks on the road that say “Do-A-Du”.

2014 Do a Du results

Teams are welcome, mixed or not.

Trophy to overall male and female winner (handicap system is used).

No T-shirts, but no charge to paid club members.

Pot-luck meal after the race as usual at McCaffrey Park!

If you have any questions please email   garyadd@hotmail.com